To empower residents to drive racially equitable development in the St. Louis region through the use of Community Benefits Agreements that are community-based, legally binding, and enforceable by the community. The coalition advocates for policy level implementation by providing education tools, data, and support to community members, neighborhood organizations, institutions, and local government.

CBAs in St. Louis

With each new agreement signed, CBAs are becoming a more common and essential tool in the equitable development toolbox. If you are interested in Community Benefits Agreement and would like Equitable St. Louis to present to your group or organization, please reach out to equitablestl@gmail.com

Wed, May 30
The Stage at KDHX
Equitable St. Louis Coalition Policy Guidebook Kickoff
We're releasing a new Guidebook to Community Benefits Agreements and kicking off a CBA tour! Join us Wednesday May 30th at The Stage at KDHX for spoken word, truth from residents, and best practices for implementing Community Benefits Agreements in St. Louis.
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